For entry to WAFF Crew!
WAFF クルーメンバーへのエントリーはこちらから

About us

The WAFF association is a non-profit organization that plans to carry out our highly innovative “WAFF Mobile Classroom!!” concept. 

It is our mission to support international students by helping them to experience fulfilling activities, valuable learning opportunities, and get the most out of living in Japan. 

With these goals in mind, we created a unique group of people called the “WAFF Crew”. 

“What exactly is the WAFF Crew?”

It’s an opportunity for international students living in Japan to participate in international exchange and education with the local community.

WAFF is here to help build a bridge between international students and local residents so we can foster support for businesses and each other. 

A WAFF Crew member’s primary role is to teach children (elementary school students) English and Chinese.

However, we would like to ask that you not only teach language, but also share different aspects of your culture, customs, and ways of thinking from your home country.

Thanks to you, children will be provided with a unique education that will help them get a sense of what the world is like outside of Japan.

In addition to directly interacting with the children, we are also looking for staff who can help out in some other areas as well. We would like to select tasks for you to perform by first focusing on your specific strengths and talents. For example, we’d like to see if you’re best suited for creating teaching materials, videos, producing magazines, management support, etc. 

We welcome those who are passionate about building better businesses, education, and those who are aiming to become leaders in the future. 

We here at WAFF are excited to meet people who are enthusiastic about working with their peers and benefitting as much as possible from their time in Japan!

“Achieve every goal, support each other, grow, and continue to carry out our mission across borders in the future …”

Would you like to become the first member to help create such a wonderful global community?

We eagerly await your participation with WAFF with the utmost enthusiasm!